Friday, March 18, 2011

Power of clearing

Has it ever happened to you that some things happens as u want them to and you have no idea as to how it all happened?
We attribute it to luck or fate and then forget about it.

If we look at it deeply, those things that happened because of the clearing that was provided. Most often than not we are not present to this. For instance, once a friend of mine and myself were supposed to reach a place at a particular time. We were running late by a few minutes already and at that rate , given the traffic and distance, we would be late by 15 mins at the least.

We then looked at what was there in the clearing and created a clearing that we would reach the destination by the said time. As we started driving, we got into traffic, but it was a constant moving one. The signals we came across were all green and not one signal in our way was red. we reached the place on time for the meeting.

There have been many other instances where the clearing for things to show up has made a huge difference,

The next time something works as ur wish or does not, look and see what are you a clearing for?