Friday, May 7, 2010

The context of a game

Its always said that in a game , one wins and the other loses. This appears true because the game is measured in terms of numbers. In some case, more the number signifies a win and in some, lesser the number signifies winning the game.

for a minute , consider that the game is not about numbers. Would it make sense? Probably not, since we always attach a number or measure to winning.

In reality, we always WIN the game we play, but its "What is the game that we are playing" matters. For instance, If in an exam I aim to get 90% marks and I end up getting only 60%, then according to the general perception , I am a loser. But my game itself was to play for 60% , then I am a winner.

It doesnt mean measures are not important, but measures are not the game and this is a common pitfall we all fall into..  In the process of achieving the measures, we often lost the context of the game.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Conversations rule our lives.

From doing a small thing to achieving something big, our lives and actions are governed by the conversations that we have about what we do.

For instance, If I ask anyone to go and talk to a stranger on the road, would anyone do that? There are lot of things that would come to mind. "Why should I do?" , "What will others think?" etc etc. Similar conversation happens in all areas of life. Question is "Will the conversations ever go away?" ..

The answer is NO. What will go away is how we relate to our conversations. The minute we are aware that this is all OUR conversation about the context, we would be able to drop it and go beyond it and take actions.

The key is to be aware of the conversations we have.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Its interesting how we look at life, people, situations etc. Most of the times it is through fillters. Filters that are developed over a period of time and based on what happened and what we make out of what happened.

To illustrate this, let me take an example. There was a specific person in my organisation, who, most people loved to ignore, not because the person was a bad one, but because of the kind of filter that people had abt that person. Whats the impact of having such a filter? Whenever that person confronts you, the first thing that we want to do is to go away from that place. For example, if a white light is covered with colored glass, say blue, then the things around that light will have a blue tinge to them. But in reality, the things are not blue, they only appear blue.

If the same concept is applied to life, then we can see the kind of filters that we use when we are faced with situations or when we are with specific people etc.

The challenge is not only removing the filters, but being aware about the filters also.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Empowering Context

Its been a while since I wrote a post. Reason? There was no internet connection at home since I moved houses and as a result of which the broadband and telephone connection was not available. Sounds a valid reason ?? It sure does.  But this does not help a bit.
The reason is just a cover-up, a mask that hides the actual truth that is hiding beneath.  Sometimes, we do not want to confront it. Most of the time , we never are aware of the actual truth hiding beneath. (This is a topic for discussion by itself and I will not go there now).
What was stopping me from writing ?? No internet connection ?? the answer is NO. If internet connection was the issue, I could have had alternate means to find one, like going to a internet cafĂ©,  go to a friends place where there is internet connection.  The underlying truth is that there was no inspiration , or to put in other words, a powerful  and empowering context was missing.  Any task where the empowering context is missing, completing that task becomes a struggle, which requires hard-work. The impact : After working hard , the results are not the same as what you would want and since we are given by measures , we get into a lot of stories to the likes of “I am not capable”, “this is not my cup of tea”., etc.
Again , having an empowering context alone is not sufficient.  Context combined with action and measures is what matters and that is when things start to move and tasks become easy and joyful. All this inside of being in integrity, because, without integrity , NOTHING works.
So,  I had given a word to my buddy that I would write a post daily, but I have not. There went my integrity out of the window. It has had an impact on me and people around me, for sure.
I take on a new promise this moment, which is , come what may, I would write a post daily.
Buddy, I want to complete with you. I have not been my word and it has an impact on me, specifically as to how others listen to me now. I take responsibility for that and take on creating a new post here-on.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being in Action

Planning without action is a great Fantasy. There is no integrity in that.

Being in action makes a whole world of difference. I was stopped by conversations many times , but I was present to it and went ahead. Without any expectations of results, I was able to enrol people.

The experience of "listening for" is great. The experience of being connected with the other person leaves a great impact on me.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Authentic sharing

I got the power of authentic sharing today. I shared what I got authentically with 2 of my colleagues. I could see that they were enrolled into the possibility of creating a bigger game for themselves and their lives.