Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Being in Action

Planning without action is a great Fantasy. There is no integrity in that.

Being in action makes a whole world of difference. I was stopped by conversations many times , but I was present to it and went ahead. Without any expectations of results, I was able to enrol people.

The experience of "listening for" is great. The experience of being connected with the other person leaves a great impact on me.


  1. "Planning without action is a great Fantasy" - y is it a fantasy???unless ur ref to something else..

    OK,i want more dope....curious !! :)

  2. Without taking action , no plan is gonna succeed. Its gonna be a plan and over a period of time it becomes a fantasy :-). If u have a plan/dream, take action and you will be amazed at yourself at the results you can cause.

  3. Ahh like that, but then planning and not doing anything cant be really called a Fantasy..sometimes we plan, but are unable to execute, sometimes we are scared and hold back... circumstances hold us back...

    but yes, when u plan, do something abt it!!

    ok..time to write more mister... :)))