Monday, April 26, 2010

Empowering Context

Its been a while since I wrote a post. Reason? There was no internet connection at home since I moved houses and as a result of which the broadband and telephone connection was not available. Sounds a valid reason ?? It sure does.  But this does not help a bit.
The reason is just a cover-up, a mask that hides the actual truth that is hiding beneath.  Sometimes, we do not want to confront it. Most of the time , we never are aware of the actual truth hiding beneath. (This is a topic for discussion by itself and I will not go there now).
What was stopping me from writing ?? No internet connection ?? the answer is NO. If internet connection was the issue, I could have had alternate means to find one, like going to a internet cafĂ©,  go to a friends place where there is internet connection.  The underlying truth is that there was no inspiration , or to put in other words, a powerful  and empowering context was missing.  Any task where the empowering context is missing, completing that task becomes a struggle, which requires hard-work. The impact : After working hard , the results are not the same as what you would want and since we are given by measures , we get into a lot of stories to the likes of “I am not capable”, “this is not my cup of tea”., etc.
Again , having an empowering context alone is not sufficient.  Context combined with action and measures is what matters and that is when things start to move and tasks become easy and joyful. All this inside of being in integrity, because, without integrity , NOTHING works.
So,  I had given a word to my buddy that I would write a post daily, but I have not. There went my integrity out of the window. It has had an impact on me and people around me, for sure.
I take on a new promise this moment, which is , come what may, I would write a post daily.
Buddy, I want to complete with you. I have not been my word and it has an impact on me, specifically as to how others listen to me now. I take responsibility for that and take on creating a new post here-on.

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