Monday, May 3, 2010


Its interesting how we look at life, people, situations etc. Most of the times it is through fillters. Filters that are developed over a period of time and based on what happened and what we make out of what happened.

To illustrate this, let me take an example. There was a specific person in my organisation, who, most people loved to ignore, not because the person was a bad one, but because of the kind of filter that people had abt that person. Whats the impact of having such a filter? Whenever that person confronts you, the first thing that we want to do is to go away from that place. For example, if a white light is covered with colored glass, say blue, then the things around that light will have a blue tinge to them. But in reality, the things are not blue, they only appear blue.

If the same concept is applied to life, then we can see the kind of filters that we use when we are faced with situations or when we are with specific people etc.

The challenge is not only removing the filters, but being aware about the filters also.

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