Friday, May 7, 2010

The context of a game

Its always said that in a game , one wins and the other loses. This appears true because the game is measured in terms of numbers. In some case, more the number signifies a win and in some, lesser the number signifies winning the game.

for a minute , consider that the game is not about numbers. Would it make sense? Probably not, since we always attach a number or measure to winning.

In reality, we always WIN the game we play, but its "What is the game that we are playing" matters. For instance, If in an exam I aim to get 90% marks and I end up getting only 60%, then according to the general perception , I am a loser. But my game itself was to play for 60% , then I am a winner.

It doesnt mean measures are not important, but measures are not the game and this is a common pitfall we all fall into..  In the process of achieving the measures, we often lost the context of the game.

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